Do You Have An Extra Swipe?

Do You Have An Extra Swipe?

            There seems to be an epidemic with people asking strangers to pay for their fare on the NYC Transit train system. There are people waiting train after train, after train, after train for someone to swipe them through a turnstile.  What makes this so bad and so annoying is that it’s multiple people standing around begging for a free ride. I was at the Winthrop St. train station and one man was getting upset because you did not get a swipe and he needed to get going to his destination.

            So my question is simple, where are these people going that they can wait for three or maybe even four trains to go by while waiting for someone with an extra swipe to come along? If these persons are on their way to work, then they must be at the train station early enough that they can afford to miss a few trains and still get to work on time. Now, if these persons have a job then why isn’t transportation a part of their budget? The single most important factor in maintaining a steady job and keeping it is to show up to work. How can anyone have a job that they cannot afford to get to? That does not make sense to me; I make no apology.

            My bigger question is, where do people get the nerve to ask others to pay for their transportation cost?  I doubt very seriously that most, if not all, of the people asking for free train fare do not have $2.50. Let’s take a good look at this. It would cost the average commuter $5.00 per day to travel to and from work; 5 days a week will cost $25.00. There are approximately 20 business days in a month so that cost will come to $100.00 per month. Wow, maybe they are on to something! The devil is a liar; I take the bus for the most part of my public transportation use, and I bet soon as they can figure out a way to bring that behavior to the bus lines without causing chaos we’ll see it there as well.

As long as there are people willing to swipe others through the turnstiles, thinking that they are doing some humanitarian or altruism act of charity because they have an unlimited metro card, there will always be someone begging for free train fare.

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