Are You Getting Tired Yet?

Are You Getting Tired Yet?

 With the recent wave of senseless deaths due to gun violence I ask the question, are you getting tired yet? I know I am. In fact, I am totally disgusted with the shooting death of Daja Robinson. I say that this was senseless, as in all Black-on-Black teen shootings, because Daja Robinson was not the attended target of the shooter; another teen on that same bus was the actual target. This gives rise to the idea that someone was going to get fatally injured regardless.

I believe we as a people have come to the point where we are now latitudinarians when it comes to the gun violence in the African-American communities. Now are the days of ‘long as it is not my child’ I’m good. But it is your child, just like it is my child, in a sense. Any one of us could have easily been riding that bus; our parents; our children. As I said, time and time again, no parent should bury their children, especially because of some senseless shooting.

I keep saying senseless because I cannot understand why someone would want to kill a teen age child. What could a child have done to anyone that would require another to take their life? I can think of a few reasons why I would take another person’s life. I would speak it here because I believe that words take on life.

So where do we go from here? If you think that ‘STOP-N-FRISK’ by the NYPD was bad and at times intimidating; condescending; disrespectful; wrong; unconstitutional; and flat out estranging the community from the people who are hired and paid with taxpayers dollars, -well you haven’t seen anything yet. I deeply oppose ‘Stop-N-Frisk’ as a deterrent for preventing potential gun related crimes, but when you make your bed hard you still have to sleep in it.

Let’s face it; our African-American children are killing our African-American children on a daily basis, and for what? If this is the results of gang activity, then we are a lost people; -a savage people. I truly dislike using that word savage in describing African-American people, because I am African-American born and raised in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn’s 73rd Precinct. Savage is the word use by white bigots and the PBA president Pat Lynch when describing and black person who does harm to a white police officer. Hey, like what I just said or not; it is what it is.

It is time to get actively involved in your communities by attending your local Community Board Meeting which are held at your local precinct. If we do not take care of our own communities, then someone else will.

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