Don’t Get Mad Now

Don’t Get Mad Now

Clarence J Renfroe

March 30, 2013

A young child was fatally shot to death by an NYPD office. The NYPD which prides itself as one of the most feared police department in the United States and feel that they are second only to the U.S. Armed Forces, often find themselves on the controversial end of shooting deaths.  Too many times have young black boys, teens and men have died at the hands of NYPD whether it’s an encounter on the streets, in a home, or in police custody. I do not know the full details of the event on that night, but this young boy was shot by police offices wearing plain clothes. Nine out of ten times most African-Americans are killed by police officers dressed in plain clothes. I personally believe that NYPD and any other police department love the fact that they are stealth when they are in plain clothes. They know that they are at an advantage because nobody knows that they are police officers. We already know that and how the NYPD often make grave mistakes and they are well defended by the PBA.

The NYPD, even though there are police offices are African-Americans and Black, trust me there is a difference, they all think the way of the NYPD. The NYPD feel that a black live is worth nothing. Their job is to serve and protect, not maim and kill. An under cover cop followed a young man into his home, after kicking in the door I might add, and shot him dead in the bathroom. The officer said he thought the young man had a gun. Now here’s where the rubber meets the road. This is all in an effort to get the guns off the streets. This is the cry in the African-American communities they constantly wail. They are too many young African-Americans boys, girls, men, women dying in the streets of their communities, the sad part about that is it not at the hands of the local police department.

I know we need to find someone other than ourselves to blame but can we honestly do that? Black-on-Black crime is as old as the universe and yet it seems accepted when a black person kills a black person but it becomes an atrocity if the killer is outside of the black race. There is no outrage when the death toll due to gun violence has reach a higher number in the cities with a large African-American population is higher than that of the U.S. troops killed in war. There is no outrage because we are talking about black people. I am not talking about the outrage of white people over these senseless killing; I’m talking about these so-called celebrities who make millions of dollars off the backs of these same people who are killing and being killed. They are quick to tweet if someone makes a negative statement about President Obama but won’t say anything about the killings in their hometowns. I feel that most people don’t forget where they came from because they are only one bad year away from their return.

African-Americans have always wanted someone else to solve their issues, they look to local government but local government does not want to be bothered. The local church, and there is one on every corner and at least two in mid block, in the African-American communities fail to get involved in and with the issues of the communities that they minister in, for most of the ministers do not live in the community of their church and neither does half of the saints in that church. The church, for the most part, will take care of their own issues that arise with their saints. Only the community can solve its own issues, and they need to start doing it right now.

The problems that are facing the African-American communities are not outside or external forces. Many African-Americans might want to believe that; but the root of their problems is right under their noses and fully under their control.

The people who are killing and are being killed in the African-American community are children and young adults; 13 – 25 years of age, -the children of the parents of the community. That is a very important statistic because the children of the African-American community are running the place. This is like inmates running the prisons, the patients running the hospitals. These children have placed fear into their own parents. Most of the children on both ends of the spectrum are being raised by their mother and may have very little to no contact, interaction, or intervention from their father.

The adults in the African-American communities need to stop blaming everyone else for their failures in life. Those who are not educated on the High School level need to enroll themselves into a GED program; there are plenty of free educational programs available. They need to have any and every child living under their roof enrolled in school. If they are able-bodied and can work they need to seek employment, but not necessarily where you would think. Sure it is fine to have a nice white/blue collar job with a salary upwards of $60K, but that might be out of your reach and might not be where you are need.

Let me break it down like this. The success of most of these small towns that most African-Americans call ‘Lily White’ and the likes are accredited to the fact that the town employs their own people. These same towns and townships are just as small as the individual African-American communities such as Brownsville, East New York, and East Flatbush. The only problem with the African-American communities is that the political leaders keep allowing private developers building hi-rise apartment buildings and stacking the people on top of people.

Now if you walk through the African-American community and do some shopping you will be hard pressed to find any black owned businesses of African-Americans. You might find black owned businesses; Jamaican, Trinidadian, Haitian, etc, but none owned by American born; second third generations in. Most of the gas stations are either owned or operated by Indians (those born in India). The fast food and local corner grocery stores are owned by Arab. The corner produce stands/markets are owned and operated by Asians and let’s not forget about the local liquor stores which are owned and operated by Asians as well. Don’t get mad now.

By now you should be calling me a lair and all that I said thus far in nonsense and joke. It’s OK if you do but check this out; I need to know why African-Americans think that they are the opposite of White-Americans. I just heard, ‘because we are’! I truly pray that African-Americans do not believe that they are the opposite of white Americans because the sad truth is that every ethnic group feel and believe they are opposite of African-Americans, even our West-Indian cousins. If that was so and white Americans are considered, smart, educated, gainfully employed, successful, then that would mean that African-Americans are not smart, uneducated, not gainfully employed, and unsuccessful. Don’ get mad now –prove me wrong. I know this is easier said than done, but it is doable.

OK, this is the beginning of a series of discussions about the specific problems and the possible solutions and corrective measures that can be taken. Any information and feedback that you, the reader, can provide will be greatly appreciated. Remember, these are our children we are saving. I thank you for taking your time to follow this blog and I do pray that you invite others to follow as well. Let’s see what we can accomplish together.

~ Clarence

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