Sons & Daughters of Trans-Atlantic Afrika


Resolving old issues/challenges from yesterday as they pertain to the events of today in order to make a better tomorrow.

The issues/challenges I will be addressing are:

Gun Violence in the Black/African-American Communities as it relates to Gun Control in the United States and to give it as much attention as the Mass Shootings in America receives.

I wish to start real dialogue that will lead to the curtailment of the senseless gun violence that currently plague the African-American communities today. African-American youth must have an alternative to the mere running of the streets selling drugs, robbing, and being a menace to society. I do believe that our local governments are failing the African-American communities and so are the churches, and our community activists as well. So, in short, everyone gets put on blast.

I will be offering encouragement as I give historical background on Human and Civil Rights issues. I know I’ll be taking on quite a task and it will not come without criticism and controversy. I encourage you to be critical for far too long we all have been cynical to these issues.

I will begin this journal with the senseless shooting death of Hadiya Pendleton; a 15 year old honor student at King College Prep located in Chicago, IL. I will then precede backward to Emmitt Louis Till a 14 year old boy who was murdered in Mississippi for allegedly flirting/whistling at a white woman on August 28, 1955. I will be covering the senseless killing of innocent children, some white and …mostly black children, but innocent none the less.Bear in mind that not all of the murdered victims will be innocent of any wrong doings before their deaths; this is due in part to the fact that I will be covering gun violence and a lot of that is gang and drug related.

Murder is murder regaurdless of who it is and why it was, but legally murder can be classified in a number of different degrees.

‘Thou shalt not kill’

This is why I will be focusing on ‘homicide ~ a killing of one human being by another

It is my prayer to establish a sense of awareness that will result into some real action taken upon the Black communities to end the senseless homicides of their own people, especially the children. We can no longer wait for our religious and political leaders to step in and make speeches. It is all up to the individuals residents in these communities to make a change.

Thank you

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